I’ve always loved exploring Florida’s swamps and streams and springs. Growing up in central Florida I had no shortage of access to them. As I’ve grown older, traveled, seen places considered among the most beautiful in the world… I’ve come to appreciate Florida’s unique ecosystems even more, and on a deeper level.

After studying Biology at University of Florida and spending years working in ecotourism with some of the premiere eco-tour providers in the state, I have selected the most beautiful and unique places in the state and began to plan a massive list of must-see spots!

On May 23rd 2019, I had my first event at Rock Springs in Apopka, FL. This is a paddle I’ve done many times, as I grew up on the Little Wekiva River, not far from this spring. The short paddle called “Emerald Cut” is, in my book, the most beautiful place you can go in Florida by kayak that is easily accessible. The colors are INSANE! There’s some great history to this place as well.

Emerald Cut @ Rock Springs – Apopka, FL – launch or rent at Kings Landing (bring cash)

Check out the exact route we paddle and see some beautiful pictures from along the way!

Emerald Cut @ Rock Springs – Paddle Route with Pictures – Apopka, FL

Real Florida Guide’s next experience will be at Silver Springs in Ocala, FL. I think I went here as a child, but I don’t really remember it. It is just far enough away that I’ve avoided going out there on my own, and it was too far away for the outfitter I previously worked with in central Florida to run. From all the research I have done, I can confidently say that this is another Florida gem. Join me at Silver Springs to paddle downriver (shuttle included with kayak rental on-site) on Saturday June 29th 2019. RSVP for the Silver Springs trip @ http://bit.ly/SilverRiverkayaktrip

Silver River @ Silver Springs in Ocala, FL – rent at Silver River Kayak Rentals/Discovery Kayak Tours