Most have seen pictures, but few have personally experienced the amazing and near-magical natural phenomenon of bioluminescence! There are many bioluminescent creatures in the world, but the ones that we see here in Florida are single celled marine organisms called dinoflagellates. These little guys actually GLOW when the water around them is disturbed, and when they are present in high concentrations, the effect is absolutely out-of-this-world!

If it’s been a while since you’ve felt truly in awe of nature and its strange and complex beauty, this experience is sure to fix that for you.

These little creatures thrive in warm and shallow water, and produce a biological light show like no other from June through September in the Titusville/Merritt Island/Space Coast area. Obviously, it is only able to be experienced at night, and is most impressive when there is low moon light and in places where there is little or no artificial light.

Lights and night-time safety gear will be provided. Everyone MUST wear their provided life-jacket on this trip.

Please bring clothes you don’t mind getting a little wet/dirty, BUG SPRAY, water, and a towel and/or change of clothes for afterwards. I like to wear light long sleeves and pants, as the buggies out here can be a bit persistent and I don’t really like bathing in bug spray.