The Econ River flows through Osceola, Orange, and Seminole counties in Central Florida, just east of the Orlando Metropolitan Area (east of State Road 417). It is a designated Outstanding Florida Waters. It’s full name, Econlockhatchee, is said to be a Muscogee name meaning “earth-mound stream”… which is fitting because there are white sugar sand burms and embankments all over this river, making it look quite different than most rivers in Florida. It is COMPLETELY wild out here… there will be no signs of civilization between our launch and take-out spots… other than perhaps some other humans playing on the river. Wildlife we may encounter include numerous wading birds and birds of prey, lots of fish, possible deer and otters, and alligators.

This river does not get nearly enough credit, and is still a bit of a secret spot. It gets pretty low in the dry season, but since the summer rains have begun, the river should be at a really nice level for a nice slow drift down-river. Paddling this stretch, even at a leisurely pace, should take about 3 hours or so. *THE TIME IT TAKE TO PADDLE THIS STRETCH MAY VARY, DEPENDING ON WHAT COOL STUFF WE SEE AND HOW GREAT A TIME WE’RE HAVING. PLEASE DO NOT HAVE A SUPER TIGHT SCHEDULE… WE’RE OUT HERE TO SOAK IN THE NATURE AND ENJOY OURSELVES*

– comfortable outdoor clothing
– a change of clothing and/or towel
– sunscreen
– water and/or other beverage of choice
– a camera of some sort
– an adventurous attitude

Early Morning on the Econ River – Down-river Kayaking THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE YOU GO;
Though this stretch of river is not too difficult, it is important that participants be able to swim and are not afraid of getting caught up in some trees or branches every now-and-then. There are also a healthy number of alligators on this river, so you should be prepared for and willing to see some… though I will be with the group and have never had a problem with gators, I promise (they are actually really cool to see in their natural environment!).