Visit Manatee Mecca @ Volusia Blue Spring – Orange City


French Landing
2399 W French Ave.
Orange City, FL 32763
same location as above

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Explore this route below in the interactive map

Click here to open the route, with they ability to pinpoint your GPS location, in your phone’s web browser and use it to navigate on the water!

A 3 hour paddle like no other, at Volusia Blue Spring! Besides manatees (commonly seen here in the winter months), you’ll have a good chance of seeing bald eagles, red shouldered hawks, ospreys, sandhill cranes, wood storks, fish of many varieties (in the spring), and of course, some alligators!

I HIGHLY recommend bringing a camera!

Beginners and experienced kayakers will do fine at this spot, but be aware of your surrounding and watch for powerboats.




The launch for this out-and-back is at French Landing (2399 W French Ave). Park along the right hand side of the boat-ramp parking (leaving the left side for boat-trailers), and hit the water! Head left up-river over towards the spring-run (visible in the distance), the crystal clear cool water waterway that connects the vent at this mega-spring to the St. Johns River.


In The Warmer Months

Paddle-craft are allowed in the spring before 11am and after 5pm, so you can paddle down the breathtaking spring-run, making sure to check out all the cool fish in the crystal clear water… and hopefully coming across some manatee friends! During the warmer months of the year, some manatees do still hang out in and around the spring, though they are less commonly sighted than during the winter season.

In The Winter

Paddle over to the spring-run, where you’ll mingle amongst the manatees at the mouth of the run some for some time, before heading out to explore the rest of the river.


Next, head up the St. John’s River, towards a beautiful little semi-secret creek, hopefully spotting some alligators along the way. In snake creek it is all about enjoying the quiet and listening for wilidlife, as there is TONS of it in this creek.

When it gets too overgrown in the creek, turn around and start heading back towards the spring and your ground transportation at the boat ramp… making sure to squeeze in any last minute pictures and say goodbye to your manatee friends, if they are around.

You’ll be back at your cars 3 to 4 hours after you hit the water, at which point you can go enjoy the park by-foot, or head out and explore Deland and Orange City!


Put-in/Starting Point (season dependent)
French Landing (public boat ramp – no bathrooms – maintained dirt road access)
2399 W French Ave.
Orange City, FL 32763


Take-out/Ending Point
Out-and-back (same as starting point)


Approximate distance typically traveled 
4 miles

– comfortable outdoor clothing
– a change of clothing and/or towel
– sunscreen
– water and/or other beverage of choice
– a camera of some sort
– an adventurous attitude



Want to paddle it yourself? Awesome! Click here to open the route, with they ability to pinpoint your GPS location, in your phone’s web browser and use it to navigate on the water!

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Private 1 and 2 person tours only at this time. Pakayaks are sit-inside touring style kayaks (not suitable for all sizes and experience levels)

A 14ft sit-in touring style kayaks, the Pakayak Bluefin 14 (Suitable for paddlers with some experience. Maximum suggested height 6ft. Maximum suggested weight 250lbs).

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